Waiting to exhale

April 17, 2009

It’s official. The EPA now considers carbon dioxide (CO2) a pollutant. This is the same stuff that you exhale and is necessary for all life on the planet to exist(and flourish). A fucking pollutant.


2 Responses to “Waiting to exhale”

  1. Quakerjono Says:

    It’s about moderation, something our society doesn’t seem to grasp any more. Certainly carbon dioxide is necessary for basic photosynthesis. But then again, one needs a certain amount of fat and sodium in their diet, yet we deep fry and salt everything.

    So the take home lesson is that, just because something is needed, doesn’t mean that more is necessarily better.

    Sure, this is an extreme measure, but frankly, anything less than an extreme measure doesn’t even register.

  2. John in IL Says:

    Your fat/salt analogy is flawed. Actual greenhouses pump CO2 into their “climates” to make plants grow (You can buy your own CO2 emitter for your greenhouse here). From memory, plants prefer CO2 at 1000+ ppm. Our current levels are well below that. Pollution…bah.

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