The manly art of collecting

April 21, 2009


Not all salt and pepper shakers are cute and girly (and big eyed) . Here’s a selection of more testosterone infused shakers.

Nothing says manly like a cigar (although nothing says leather daddy like a cigar either):

Wrestling brings out the best in men:

As does Football:

Cowboys are pretty butch:

Err, scratch that:

This is more like it:

Ooh, I forgot about these girls (and who doesn’t enjoy salt/pepper coming out of a nipple):

I saved the best for last (NSFW I suppose):


I got her for a steal because her one tit was broken and reglued. Yeah plastic surgery!


2 Responses to “The manly art of collecting”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    Those are great! There’re all very cool, but I like the wrestlers the best. I know it doesn’t matter, but do they, you know, dispense salt and pepper?

  2. John in IL Says:

    Those are some of my faves too. And technically, yes, the wrestlers could be used. Each wrester is its own shaker, one resting on top of the other. You can see the holes in the pic. They would be filled in foot. Like a lot of salt and pepper shakers, they are more for the collector than the user.

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