Size queen

March 9, 2009


This shit is big:



November 10, 2008


Thanks to your generous contributions, is secured for another year. My promise to you: more of the same (great writing, unlike caulk, isn’t cheap). And, really, you should thank me. You probably would have wasted your money on an ungrateful homeless person or some needy kitteh in an animal shelter if you hadn’t given it to me.

I am leaving up the donate button (at the bottom of my sidebar) just in case any of you other cheap bitches feel the need to supply me with beer contribute to a good cause. I’m sure it’s tax deductible.

I need you. Yes, only you can help me keep my domain name in my hands. I coughed up the first fifteen bucks for the name because I am a narcissistic son of a bitch (can you be an anonymous narcissist?). That was twelve months ago. Those in charge of teh intertubes are now threatening to take it away from me if I don’t come up with another $15. So I’m doing an internet style fundraiser. Fifteen bucks is all I need. A one dollar contribution will get you a favorable mention on my blog (I’ll say three nice things about you). Give me three dollars and I’ll write a paragraph agreeing with whatever you say. Five dollars will get you all of the above and a free John in IL coffee mug (plus shipping/handling)

Click on Minnie Pearl in my sidebar and she will take care of you.

When you gotta go…

January 6, 2008

Who would guess this would be a problem?  It gives the drop off box a whole new meaning.

(even more disturbing; I found this site (nsfw) while looking for a pic)