Dave’s recent post on (not his) kids at his house got me thinking. The kid’s name is Trenton. Now I’ve never heard that name before. In this world of made up names (I suppose they all are made up but…) that was a new one. Why would you name your child after the state capital of New Jersey? But then I had a V-8 moment. This is the thing to do. State capitals make great names. I thought of my own family. My first cousins twice removed are Cheyenne (WY), Madison (WI) and Austin (TX). And I’ve heard of other children being named Boston(MA) and Jackson (MS).

I’ve decided that I will name my children (if I ever decide to like hoo ha) in the same fashion. Daughters: Topeka (KS) and Tallahassee(FL). Sons: Bismarck(ND) and Annapolis(MD). Or maybe I will be a cruel parent and name the little crumb crunchers Des Moines (IA) or Sacramento (CA) or Springfield (IL).

I’m undecided on Little Rock(AR).


Kate says

June 7, 2009

Kate has an *interesting* post on global warming. Some highlights and my thoughts:

Kate says: Environmentalists hope dire predictions and a healthy dose of drama spur corrective action. Maybe more people will reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Let’s see. Scare the shit out of voters and they will agree with you. For the past eight years, all I have heard is GWB was using terrorism as a scare tactic. Now scare tactics are okay.

Kate says:
I don’t give a shit if you believe in global warming or not. The bottom line is this – didn’t you learn as a kid to clean up after yourself? Well, human beings have a miserable track record cleaning up after themselves. Whether such messiness leads to our destruction remains a point of contention and debate, but the facts are clear: corporations and people should do more to clean up the planet.

I would qualify that. Poor human beings have a miserable track record on the environment. As countries become richer, they pollute less. Rich people demand (and will pay for) a cleaner environment.

The current solution to climate change offered by the government is “cap and trade”.

Some neocons like Ralph Nader don’t like it:

Cap-and-traders assume, without much justification, that one country can put a price on carbon emissions while another doesn’t without affecting trade or investment decisions.

Good intentions to limit big polluters in some countries but not others will turn any meaningful cap into Swiss cheese. It can be avoided by relocating existing and new production of various kinds of CO2-emitting industries to jurisdictions with no or virtually no limits. This is known as carbon leakage, and it leads to trade anarchy.

and Gore’s scientist/global warming poster boy, James Hansen is not a fan:

Hansen lambasts the current international approach of setting targets to be met through “cap and trade” schemes as not up to the task. “This approach is ineffectual and not commensurate with the climate threat. It could waste another decade, locking in disastrous consequences for our planet and humanity

but yet Kate says:
We *know* we’re in trouble. And we also know how to fix it. Let’s not argue over the methods that people use to get our fellow citizens off their asses and working toward a solution. Because the solution will benefit all of us.

I disagree that “we know how to fix it”. Kate, tell me your solution.


I love(d) the reality TV show Jon and Kate plus Eight. I dunno. Part freak show, part cute kids…It was entertaining. Now their marriage is falling apart because of the show (or at least a contribution to its demise). That I don’t want to watch. Kate signed on for two more years but it looks like Jon is outta there. I know they were the ones who agreed to do the show but I now feel dirty for watching it.

Not quite the Dionne Quintuplets but still.

As I get older and start to notice the lines on my face getting more pronounced, I have thoughts of plastic surgery. Fantasy/nightmare really. I don’t have the money to do it and I’m afraid of hospitals (germs…ew). When I think about people who have had plastic surgery who do have lots of money I get more nervous. This is the best money can buy?

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November 23, 2008


November 10, 2008


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