Ecoweenies on parade

June 14, 2009

I saw this comment from Gail on Climate Progress and had to laugh:

I have 3 daughters who are well cognizant of the threats of climate change because they hear my wails of outrage rather frequently.

It’s not that they give little thought to it, I think. It is that they have concluded that they are so screwed, that they want to enjoy what opportunities are left open to them before the s**t really hits the fan.

For instance, one daughter is going this summer to tour the Grand Canyon and from there to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. When I pointed out to her that flying is deleterious to the environment, she insisted that she wants to see the snows before they disappear.

So it’s obviously not that she is under any delusion that flying isn’t bad, or that the climate is going to stabilize.

It seems she wants to live while she can because she recognizes that there is already a predetermined limit programmed from past emissions locked into the pipeline, never mind business as usual, so, why not?

I totes love this reasoning. My kids care but WTF the planet is screwed so my kids are going to party like it’s Sixteen Ninety Nine. I’m betting that my “carbon footprint” is much less than Gail’s little fucking traveler. And why go to the Grand Canyon first? That shit isn’t going away any time soon.


Part one of my famous people from my hometown(s) series. (sorry for the plural but I live in the Quad Cities; maybe that is part of the problem)

Gotta love Linnea Quigley (born in Davenport).

Loved her in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers:

And who can forget that classic film Virgin High:

And keep reading, readers. Part two is about Ken Berry.

I was shocked today. Totally shocked. Mother’s 83 yo sister is visiting her. No, that’s not shocking (although Mother is a little peeved about it). What’s shocking is that auntie brought a book about the history of our family. Holy hell. I thought our family history basically consisted of Danish immigrants that showed up in the late 19th century to farm shit and to look cute. For the most part that is true but the book she brought documents that my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s father’s father (my great great great great great grandfather) emigrated from Germany to the US in 1771 and fought in the American Revolution (Private 4th class). I’m a son of the Revolution. LOVE IT!

Doing something

June 10, 2009

Frequent commenter (and all around good guy) Dave’s response to my last post inspired this post. His comment (referring to global warming/climate change/CLIMATE CRISIS!)

Doing something about a problem is better than doing nothing.

I’ve heard this a lot recently. This “doing something” must be important. I guess if you are “doing something”, that means you care. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if “doing something” is an effective way of reducing the problem. It doesn’t matter how much “doing something” costs. It doesn’t matter that “doing something” might actually do more harm than good. The important thing is that you are “doing something”.

A recent example: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. President Obama said we had to “do something” (or else) to save and/or create new jobs. If we didn’t do something right now it would get worse. Here are the results:


So much for “doing something”.

I support doing things that may make actual differences, not just feel good measures that, in the end, could do more harm than good.

Kate says

June 7, 2009

Kate has an *interesting* post on global warming. Some highlights and my thoughts:

Kate says: Environmentalists hope dire predictions and a healthy dose of drama spur corrective action. Maybe more people will reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Let’s see. Scare the shit out of voters and they will agree with you. For the past eight years, all I have heard is GWB was using terrorism as a scare tactic. Now scare tactics are okay.

Kate says:
I don’t give a shit if you believe in global warming or not. The bottom line is this – didn’t you learn as a kid to clean up after yourself? Well, human beings have a miserable track record cleaning up after themselves. Whether such messiness leads to our destruction remains a point of contention and debate, but the facts are clear: corporations and people should do more to clean up the planet.

I would qualify that. Poor human beings have a miserable track record on the environment. As countries become richer, they pollute less. Rich people demand (and will pay for) a cleaner environment.

The current solution to climate change offered by the government is “cap and trade”.

Some neocons like Ralph Nader don’t like it:

Cap-and-traders assume, without much justification, that one country can put a price on carbon emissions while another doesn’t without affecting trade or investment decisions.

Good intentions to limit big polluters in some countries but not others will turn any meaningful cap into Swiss cheese. It can be avoided by relocating existing and new production of various kinds of CO2-emitting industries to jurisdictions with no or virtually no limits. This is known as carbon leakage, and it leads to trade anarchy.

and Gore’s scientist/global warming poster boy, James Hansen is not a fan:

Hansen lambasts the current international approach of setting targets to be met through “cap and trade” schemes as not up to the task. “This approach is ineffectual and not commensurate with the climate threat. It could waste another decade, locking in disastrous consequences for our planet and humanity

but yet Kate says:
We *know* we’re in trouble. And we also know how to fix it. Let’s not argue over the methods that people use to get our fellow citizens off their asses and working toward a solution. Because the solution will benefit all of us.

I disagree that “we know how to fix it”. Kate, tell me your solution.

Is it just me or have cartoons have gone to hell lately. In particular, propaganda cartoons for children:

Let’s see…we have a vaguely foreign transexual bird, her uptight environmentalist bird friend, a pooping hippo, a rodent who prefers driving over taking a hippo to work and a climate scientist… Add bad music and bad rhyming and you’ll understand the meaning of the “power of poop”. Don’t forget the whole premise for this cartoon, that global warming is melting Kilimanjaro’s snow, is poop and one of the proposed solution in the cartoon, that sugarcane as a biofuel is good for the environment, is poop too.

They’re back

June 3, 2009

Last year, for some stupid bird loving reason, I set a wren house right next to my white trash pool. The wrens loved it. Me, not so much. Try to relax and enjoy smoking a ciggie and drinking a G&T listening to this shit:

Although it was fun (drinking makes it fun) watching the little cocksuckers (h/t Quaker/Mother) feed the babies, like all babies, they never shut up. And their parents constantly scolded me for being there.

They are back again this year but I relocated the house to a more suitable location (far away from where the pool will go… if it ever warms up).